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Chapter Zero

Conclusions I came to during Quarantine (April 7, 2020) Truer words have never been spoken. (Actually, Jesus definitely spoke truer words, but Andy is close.) I have spent the better part of 2019 and now 2020 off social media. Boycotting social media is my passion project, and I have probably already informed you of my relatively uninformed opinion. If you are familiar with the enneagram (or maybe if you roll your eyes at personality tests), I’m pretty sure I am a classic Enneagram One: I see things as black and white, either/or. There is no gray. But I’m learning that life does not happen in these polarities. Life is not made up of clean lines. So here goes my attempt at “Braving the Wilderness” as Brene Brown has dubbed it. My crack at finding the middle, living in the gray, and not staking my flag on an impassable side. Almost three years ago, I got married. I had a wedding and a reception in a barn with lots of friends and lots of flowers. Throughout our engagement, I debated whet

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